Friday, July 1, 2016

Hontanas to Fromista

Today was slightly long than yesterday on the map. I thought we might stop early when we started this morning but we hit a pretty good stride in the afternoon and finished another 21 miles today. Tomorrow's route has a large gap between towns so it's either 12 or 22 miles... I think we will be happy to call it a rest day at 12. 

Our first land mark of the day was this old monestary in the early morning light. 

Looking back through the monestary at the sun rise. 

We delayed sunrise a bit longer walking behind this hill and it made a nice photo.

We didn't quite make it to breakfast before the sunrise. 

Today was mostly flat with one big hill after breakfast. This was looking back over the valley from the top.

This was looking down the far side. It was 12% grade gang up and 18% down. From the bottom of the hill it was pretty much an endless march across the plain. 

Looking back at the hill an hour or so later. You can just make out the trail coming down.

Corrie's innovative cape/sun shield. It seemed to help a bit with the heat rash on her legs. Also walking though trees in a few areas was really nice. 

Our afternoon marching friends from

Crossing the canal we walked along for a few miles. Looking happier than we actually felt. 

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