Sunday, July 24, 2016

Contemplating the Camino at 180

Once walking the Camino meant turning around and walking back home after seeing Santiago. We met more people walking west for the second or third time than we saw walking east. On the train to Montpelier today we've already crossed more of Spain than we did in almost five weeks of walking. Fields that would take us an hour to walk across last week flash past in a minute at 188 mph... The power poles beside the track are almost invisible from the side, just a quick blur against the landscape. 

I spent much of our walk observing infrastructure and contemplating the problems that drove its development. Eventually Corrie began suggesting I write a report when we finished the inventory. I'm not actually interested in writing a report on Spain's agricultural or infrastructure. I'm just more interested in how people solve problems than most and especially curious when the problems been solved in a way I wouldn't have considered. Ultimately it's probably those observations and ideas I'll remember and seems fitting to recross Spain by train propelled in part by electricity generated by the countless wind turbines we've seen. 

We met at least three people whose experience walking to Santiago convinced them to move to Spain and open an alburgue. I've had no such life altering revelations and that's alright. It was a really nice walk and I enjoyed both the long conversations with Corrie as well as letting my mind wander the countryside while my feet just took another step. Perhaps if I'd had a more complicated reason for walking I'd have come to a more exciting conclusion but I feel pretty satisfied knowing I can hike 500 miles and enjoy most of it. 

On the whole I've enjoyed the trip enough that I may hike or bike the Camino again if a good opportunity comes along someday. Until then there I have a long list of other walks to take! 

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