Sunday, July 10, 2016

Foncebadon to Molinaseca

We crossed our second pass on the Camino this morning. It was a beautiful walk up as the sun rose and we made it to Crus de Ferro (iron cross) just as the sun peaked over the horizon. The down hill was slower than the up and harder on the feet so we and many on the pilgrims we've been walking with decided to make it a shorter day and stop in Molinaseca where they dam the stream in the summer for swimming hole. The water was colder than I expected but it felt awesome after the hike. Tonight we opted for an albergue run by a Brazilian family which has proven to be an good choice. The Brazilian dinner they server was excellent and they were great hosts as well. 

Early dawn on the way up. 

At the cross for sunrise. 

A sundial at the top of the first pass where your shadow tells the time. We were a little early to use it. 

In the saddle of the pass between the high points. 

The swimming hole in Molinaseca. 

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