Thursday, May 25, 2017

Powerline Trail

Justin and I had been discussing hiking the power line trail for a couple of weeks, but couldn't seem to make the schedule work. Friday about 3:30 we decided to go even though Justin hadn't brought any of his gear with him and had to be back at work by 7 am on Saturday. I've got extra gear and Justin isn't picky, so we were headed out 20 minutes later and at the trailhead by 5:00. I think we may have set a speed record for buying shoes at REI during their anniversary sale.

Well that explains the name. This would be a hard trail to lose.

Looking up the main valley from the first clear ridge. Maybe we'll do the 20 mile route that goes that way next year.

The pass looked deceptively close when I took this. Then we post holed through all the snow patches between here and there.
Looking down to the Cook Inlet from the top of the pass.

The snow blowing through the pass created a giant cornice across it which might explain why we didn't see anyone else up there. I might have given up and turned back at the top, but Justin found a path down the 60+ foot rock face just to the left of the power lines.

Back into trees again

Just after 10 pm. It must be summer again.

I biked the 27 miles back to the truck on Saturday keeping with the tradition established in 2014.
I didn't believe Google maps when it told me the last 14 miles would take an hour and a half. Maybe Google knows when the wind is howling down the Turnagain Arm?

May is a good time to be in the Chugach. Maybe we should do this every year.