Sunday, July 24, 2016


We spend the few days in Braga Portugal visiting our friend Kendra and resting after the Camino. My stomach started acting up the last day of our walk and corrie caught the bug the day after we arrived in Braga so we didn't get out as much as we had planned to there. It was a good place to rest and relax though and it was nice to meet Kendra's family and tour their kiwi farm. 

We were able to spend one day touring a bit in Braga with Kendra and Ellie.

I always imagined kiwis grew on a tree of some kind, but they are a lot more like grapes. Sadly they weren't ripe yet. We did find lots of other fresh fruit though. 

We also picked up the box we sent ahead from the Camino. I have a fancy shirt again. Also epic tan lines...

We're on our way to Montpellier today and feeling better after the days of rest.

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  1. I recommend a visit to Guimaraes and especially the impressive archaeological site complex at Citania de Briteiros! A boat trip up the Douro Valley isn't bad either - although it can get hot in mid-summer. Steve Wickler