Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Vega de Valcarce to Fonfria

Today was one of the nicest walks we've had on the Camino. We stared with a steep climb to breakfast and then a bit more afterward to reach the first summit. Then we spent the rest of the day walking along the tops of the hills overlooking panoramic views of the valleys below. We're not that high, but it made a big difference on the temperature and we're enjoying the cooler temperatures. 

Corrie walking up the trail this morning. 

Looking back down the valley we hiked up. 

We saw this sign mid morning so we're actually less than 150km from Santiago tonight. American number conventions make it look like the units should be meters but they use the comma as a decim here. What I'm really curious about is their significant figures...

We found fireweed growing in the second pass today which really made me feel like I was at home/in the mountains. 

Tonight's albergue offered cheese with honey as a snack... I
t was delicious. Welcome to Galicia.

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