Friday, July 8, 2016

Villar de Mazarife to Astorga

Today was a pretty long walk but tonight we're almost to the mountains! We can even see a small patch of snow up there. It took most of the day for Corrie to convince me that it is really snow but now I'm even more excited about tomorrow's hike up. We did an early start today and one of the things we noticed is that it's getting light noticeably later now. I knew it was still too close to the solstice to have lost much daylight yet so I did some mental math on the trail. Turns out we really have walked far enough to have a noticeable affect on the time of sunrise. I looked it up to double check tonight and we've managed to push sunrise back 22 minutes! That gives me a new appreciation for how far we've walked. Also, we're sleeping in 20 minutes tomorrow! 

Our delayed sunrise was still very nice. 

Just another impressive stone bridge.

If you're practicing for a summer Camino in NM you should be pretty well set...

One of the really awesome things about walking the Camino is all the water fountains. This one was particularly fancy. The statue also gets a drink when you fill up a bottle...

The bishops palace in Astorga.

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