Monday, July 11, 2016

Molinaseca to Cacabelos

The change in the landscape on this side of the pass is quite dramatic and more like our first days of walking than the past two weeks. We're walking between the mountains for a couple days and definitely back in wine county. Neither of us really felt like getting up this morning, but the weather was great and it's hard to feel sluggish covering 15 miles by 1:00.

If you're reading this in preparation for your own Camino we both recommend staying at Cass San Nicolas in Molinaseca. We would have like to spend another day there.

Looking out over the country side while walking down to Ponferrada for breakfast.
The castle across from breakfast. We found a nice bakery for breakfast today. Sadly they didn't serve eggs and our attempt ordering eggs an hour later resulted in sandwiches. Clearly I need to work on my Spanish...

I've always wanted to build a house over a stream like this. I wonder if it was always a house or if it was originally a mill.

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