Sunday, July 17, 2016

Palas de Rei to Ribadiso

We'll be in Santiago tomorrow evening if everything goes as planned. The last couple days have been quite different with all the new pilgrims joining the trail. It seems about ten times as many people complete shorter versions as start in St. Jean each year. It's a sea of new faces after weeks of seeing mostly people we'd already met. It's also become much hotter the last couple days. I'm thankful it was "unseasonably cold" for the first few weeks while we acclimated. 

The trail shortly after breakfast. I am much less inclined to say more than "buen Camino" with so many people on the trail. 

Fanciest coffee of the trip and very tasty. The second stop made up for the disappointing coffee at our first stop. 

The Camino is more "walking with the cows" than "running with the bulls".

I don't know when I last saw 97 degrees... I hope we don't both completely fry tomorrow. On the bright side our laundry drys in minutes. 

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