Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mansilla de Las Mulas to Leon

At 18 km today felt pretty easy and we spent a good deal of the afternoon walking around Leon. The days walk was mostly a few fields and then walking through the city but there were some interesting pieces of ancient engineering and the cathedral in Leon is rather impressive. We also walked to the train station to reserve our seats out of Santiago. So far the eurorail pass has proven less efficient than expected but we should have a very nice trip across Spain and France in a couple weeks. 

Customary sunrise photo. We had an easy morning and slept in so we weren't even out of town by sunrise today...

It looks like they added a modern concrete deck to the original stone bridge to create a two lane road carrying semis. Impressive over engineering of the original bridge that must have carried horses! 

We splurged a little on a fancy hotel tonight. This was looking up from the lobby but the real bonus is having the best shower we've seen on the Camino...

The outside of the cathedral. 

We were able to tour the inside as well today for a nice change. The windows are more impressive from inside and the iPhone doesn't really do them justice. 

One of the northern windows.

We also caught up Eitaro while we toured. We had a couple of meals with him about a week ago but hadn't seen him for a while. Randomly catching up with people we met miles ago is one of the cool things about walking the Camino. One cyclist we talked with said that rarely happens on bike because there are fewer stops and vastly different speeds people ride. I think it would be a nice ride and also aquite different experience to bike it. 


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