Thursday, June 30, 2016

Burgos to Hontanas

We saw more people out and about leaving Burgos at 6 a.m. than we've ever seen on a Spanish morning before. Yesterday's festival apparently went all night and was only just winding down. The streets weren't crowded by any means but it was a very noticeable change from out usual quiet morning walk. We began talking with another couple on the way out of town and walked with them for the 8 miles to breakfast. After breakfast it quickly became hot as we walked the remainer of the 21 miles to Hontanas.

We stopped briefly at the cathedral in Burgos. It wasn't open, but the outside is still impressive. 

New friends from the morning walk. 

Maybe we should have stopped here for lunch, but we decided to press on before it got any hotter. The apples came in very handy a few miles later. 

We apparently signed up to walk across the Texas panhandle this afternoon...

The last leg to Hontanas. The app warned us that the town wasn't visible from a distance which was somewhat encouraging the last mile or so. 

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  1. It seems crazy that it is so flat and you can't see it ...