Monday, June 13, 2016

Gear list for the Camino

We made it to Frankfurt. I wrote up a gear list on the flight from memory. I think covers most the items I packed. 

I'm using the same Deuter futura Pro 42 I carried around the world. Its not as full as four years ago since I shaved 7 lbs and got the dry weight down to 19 lbs. 

2 pairs of Columbia silver ridge covetable pants (new versions of the pants I took in 2012 which finally wore out this spring).
1 pair of REI adventure pants (these are actually the same ones I took in 2012 and are holding up remarkably well). 
2 new REI Sahara T-shirts (I still have one of the two I took in 2012 but it's pretty worn out). 
1 Long sleeve button down travel shirt.
1 Short sleeve button down travel shirt.
1 Pair of swimming trunks
4 pairs of Smartwool running socks.
3 Pairs of ExOfficio underwear (worked great in 2012.)
1 North Face flight series full zip fleece that replaces the 1/4 zip in late 2012. 
1 REI Kimtah Jacket (I upgraded a couple months into the 2012 trip to save space and didn't regret it. I still use the Taku when I'm not packing ultralight. I decided to skip the rain pants since this is summer trip.
1 pair of Merrell ventilator shoes. (I decided to move away from Goretex for this hike since I expect more hot weather than wet and the trail should be pretty good). 
1 Pair Chaco sandals. 

Sleeping (I saved a bit of weight and space here since we aren't planing any camping):
Still using the Phantom 45 deg bag. It's probably seen enough use to be a 50 degree bag now. 
I'm also still using the Reactor sleeping bag liner.
New inflatable Sea to Summit pillow (reports vary on the availability and quality of pillows along the Camino).

2 32 oz Nalgene Cantene (I had to replace the old pair but they fit in the side pockets of my pack so well that just bought 2 more).
Steripen Freedom (I don't really think we'll need this but it's pretty light and could be handy).
Half liter Nalgene bottle (for treatment).

Electronics (I left the computer at home so the only charger is one for the phone and a couple of cables):
iPhone 6.
Pair of ear buds.
Pentax Optio W90 (completely water proof to 10m).
Universal adapter.
I'm also carrying a goal zero solar panel and battery to charge along the trail. Based on results in Alaska it can probably keep two lightly used Phones charged on sunny days. 

Fancy short tooth brush. 
1 oz tube of tooth paste.
2 oz wilderness wash camp soap (It worked well last time).
2 oz Sunscreen.
2 oz Aloe Vera (in case I forget to put on the sun screen).
Shin split wrap
Super glue (for blister repair).
Razor and a couple spare blades.
Nail clippers.
Towel ("about the most massively useful thing an intersteller hitchhiker can have"- Douglas Adams).
Micro wash cloth.
Clothes line.

Our packs at the Anchorage airport. 

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