Monday, June 27, 2016

Granon to Belorado

I We lost eleven pounds today! We found a post office in Belorado and mailed a box home and one to Portugal. 
The smaller bag on the left is the stuff we decided we didn't need at all and the red bag is the stuff we won't need until we're done with the Camino. We definitely over packed a bit (I'm used to rougher accommodations) so here's a breakdown of what I mailed from my pack.

Sent home:
Solar panel - there hasn't been any need for the solar panel though the batteries have come in handy so we'll keep those. 
Headlamp - again just no need.
Hat and gloves - they are thin, but it's summer in Spain and even the first day, which was described as "the coldest I've ever been" by a Californian we met I didn't want a hat. 
Spare socks - I discovered I packed an extra pair by accident. 
Steripen - it's still light, but we really don't need it at all. 

Sent to Portugal:
Nicer pants and shirt - I debated bringing these at all but they are handy in Paris an may be again for the last 1/3 of the trip. 
Fleece - seems more likely to be useful in the Alps or in Iceland than on the remainer of the trail.
Water proof camera - I've been happy using my iPhone on the Camino but I figure there is a chance I'll want to water proof option later. 

I probably shed 4 pounds bringing my pack down around 15 before water. Corrie's pack shed the other 7 pounds but I don't keep an itemized list of her gear in my head... Hopefully our feet will thank us at the end of the day tomorrow. 

Today's trail was really well marked. In this town we just followed the yellow bricks in the middle of the road. 

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