Monday, June 20, 2016

Pamplona to Puente la Reina

We had a great visit with Eva and Rodrigo in Pamplona and started down the trail this morning feeling nicely efreshed. Today's walk was almost exactly like I imagined the Camino and tonight's albergue is much nicer than I imagined while researching the Camino. We spent the day walking through fields and past wind turbines under mostly clear skies. 

Rodrigo and I discovered we have a similar appreciation for the mountains and spend some time sharing photos from Alaska and Patagonia. 

Rodrigo also taught me how to shave slices of jamon off for lunch. The closest American comparison I can think of is somewhere between bacon and jerky. It was delicious! 

Parting ways with Eva as we 
returned to the trail. 

Hiking up El Perdón under wind turbines. These were apparently the first turbines installed in the area.

I walked right up the the base of this one. It was a little smaller than the biggest I've seen but still 
impressive to see and to hear. 

This girl has a brilliant business model selling cold lemonade on a dry hot hiking trail with lots of traffic.

All of the albergues have been nice but we had a pool tonight 
which was awesome after hiking all morning in the sun... 


  1. Really nice to open your last chapter, that is today, and look at all the pics!!! Rodrigo is very happy to share with you that strong feeling for the mountains. In fact I think both Patagonia and Alaska are amazing places...
    And he also had a big smile when watching you cutting the jamón, you were very good at it!
    What a wonderful hike today and what a reward at the end, the gorgeous swimming pool!
    We are sure you will be blessed with wonderful experiences all along the way, you are a just a great couple!
    We will be following you through this blog everyday, thank you very much for sharing, it is like walking with you!

  2. Love reading your blog, and I promise, in the years ahead, Laura and I will retrace your footsteps.