Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Belorado to Ages

With an early start and less weight in our packs we made our destination shortly after noon and decided to go on to the next village. I'm not totally sold on waking up at 5 am yet, but hiking through the predawn day listening to the birds is pretty great and we had half our planned walk behind us by breakfast. Twenty-eight km still feels like a good walk, but it was easier today.

Just after sunrise. You can see the first two villages where we hoped to find breakfast in the distance. Neither of them had anything open though. Turns out walking 7.5 miles before breakfast works up a good appetite. 

We were happy to be climbing this hill after breakfast. Walking gives a very different perspective on distance. Those hills in the distance are days away...

The second half of the day included a 12 km gap between towns and this little stop was a welcome discovery. Fresh fruit and drinks with a shady bench! 

We saw this couple several times today. It is apparently possible to do the Camino with toddler! 

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