Sunday, June 26, 2016

Azofra to Granon

We were planning to take another short day today but we were feeling pretty good and went on to the next town for a unique albergue in a quiet patch of forest.   It's not exactly what we expected but it is a really nice place.

Looking back to Azofra about 20 minutes down the trail. 

Rolling hills of wheat were the most prominent feature of the day but we also saw fields of potatos, peas, and a few things I haven't identified. 

This bridge was apparently originaly built by Saint Dominic in the 11th century. It's been destroyed by flash floods a rebuilt several times since then. 

Heading into the forest on the way to the albergue. It feels a little more adventurous off the main path without every turn marked. 

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  1. The path changes alot. At what point did you think, "Wow, we have Walked along ways!" ?

    Nice bridge you have there