Friday, June 24, 2016

Logrona to Ventosa

We took a bit of a detour yesterday to stay in the nice hotel with AC. Today started with an hour of cutting through Logrona's industrial area to get back to the Camino. Halfway across Corrie pointed out, "if we ever want to build a house in Logrona we know where to buy the bricks." Leaving Logrona the trail was very well defined and mostly paved. I find myself thinking about the construction of the trail/road a lot more walking or biking that I do when driving. I'm sure it's partly because I have a lot more time to think when walking. The app says it would only take 22 minutes to drive back to the hotel... I highly recommend the app for anyone traveling or without continuous internet access. It has made it much easier to navigate when we wander of the primary trail. 

The lake outside Logrona. I think this might be the largest body of water we've seen on the trail. 

Approaching the city of Navarrete.

I had no idea grapes could grow well in such rocky soil. 

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