Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ages to Burgos

We're being fancy and staying at a hotel tonight in Burgos. Most of the albergues we've stayed in have been really nice, but it's great to have a quiet place of our own occasionally. One unexpected advantage of leaving the Camino is experiencing another aspect of Spain. Today is a holiday here and almost everything is closed but we managed to find an open restaurant a few blocks away and a small store a few blocks the other direction. Tomorrow should be our longest day yet so we're heading out early again and the apples I found could come in handy. 

We made some new friends last night and probably stayed up to late talking but it made dinner a lot of fun. 

Walking down the road this morning. It looked like there might be some breakfast here but I'm glad we pushed on. The place we eventually stopped served the best Spanish tortillas we've has yet and a excellent pastry too.