Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bike ride - Day 1

I headed north out of Anchorage shortly after the last post and rode 48 miles to Justin's house on the north side of Wasilla. I'm glad it was a shorter day since I started pretty late and I'm still getting used to the trailer. It was cloudy with a little rain, but I stayed pretty dry and my there were a few breaks in the clouds. Average speed about 11 miles an hour plus a couple breaks. 
Leaving the house in Anchorage. 

Ten miles in and out of the traffic. 

Chugiak, about 20 miles in.

Looking up the knik river valley. This whole area sank during the Good Friday earthquake and became a tidal marsh. I remember a lot more standing dead trees when I was a kid, but it gives a nice view of the chugiak mountains now. 

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