Friday, June 6, 2014

Bike ride - Day 5

I can see why support vehicles are so popular...

It was a clear beautiful morning in Cantwell and after an omelet for breakfast (thanks to Corrie bringing eggs and veggies with her) I decided it was too nice out to pass up a side trip into the park. This turned the easy 40 mile ride to Healy I had planned into a 54 mile day but Corrie agreed to haul the trailer. Wow, it was easy to ride without the trailer!

It was only 26 scenic miles of pretty easy riding to the park entrance. 

The first 10 miles into the park is all uphill, but the views are amazing on a clear day. Unfortunately Denali was clouded in by the time I got to the summit. It was still clear to the north though. 

Savage river 15 miles into the park. The bridge is the end of the pavement on the park road and also the limit for private vehicles most of the year. It is possible to take bikes all the way to wonder lake at the end of the road. Anyone want to join me for a dedicated Denali bike ride next summer? 

I caught a ride back to the park entrance with Corrie after lunch at savage river. From here I rode on to Healy for supper.

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