Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bike ride - Day 11

A good day for a long ride.

I got a late start today, the morning was just too pleasant to rush out of camp. After a little back tracking for water and a short construction delay I started riding about 1pm. With sunset just before midnight that didn't have to mean a short day though and I made 82 miles thanks to good roads, moderate wind, and good fuel. 

Despite not having a well and being in need of a few repairs I think fielding lake is my favorite campground on the trip.

I'd like to find one of these cabins for sale...

Looking across the north end of Summit Lake to the Alaskan Range. 

The middle of Summit Lake. 

It was a mostly downhill kind of day. 

I arrived at my camp ground just north of Glenallen about 9:30 to find the missing mosquitoes from the night before were all hanging out there and very hungry. Even the 100% deet wasn't keeping them away from my salt encrusted forehead. I set the tent up in record time and had a cold supper of cheese, nuts, and a cliff bar. It seemed like an excellent feast given the time and the mosquitoes. 

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