Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bike ride - Day 6

Some people say Alaska only has two seasons, "winter" and "road construction". The summers are short and the days are long so work sometimes runs around the clock. I've probably been fortunate to only see road work on one day of the trip so far. It did cut Thursday's ride by about 25% which made it a pretty easy day. 

Corrie found the 49th state brewery in Healy. A massive delicious burger and good homemade root beer too. (Photo from the night before)

I've seen seven moose (including two new calves) and couple of bears in the trip so far. This one in Healy was the most cooperative for a photo...

Summer time in Alaska! No pilot car here, but the gravel was in pretty good shape and since it was between to sections with pilot cars I had the road to myself between waves of cars.

Waiting for a pilot car in the rain.

Free ride across the construction site. The driver said she's carried a few bikes the last week. 

The friendly host at the Nenana camp ground suggested I put my tent up under the pavilion so it would be dry in the morning if it kept raining. They also had a hot shower which is awesome after riding half the day in the rain.

I accidentally left my spork with Corrie. A tent stake is a serviceable plan B...

My ongoing experiments trying to simmer wild rice on the camp stove... This is the best solution so far. 

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