Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Road to AK

A few pictures from the drive between Washington and Alaska. Some of the pictures were taken by Stephen or Corrie so I've included their initials in the captions.
Mt Baker on the way out of Washington. (SB)
There was excellent snowboarding up there on a previous trip.
Lac La Hache in BC. (CG)
We camped next to the lake after discovering our planned campsite wasn't open for summer yet. 

The Buck Burger at the Buckinghorse River Lodge.
They serve and excellent burger and a pretty good breakfast too. 

Sunset over the Buckinghorse River in BC. We camped here the second night.

Corrie and I standing by the river. (SB)

The Northern Lights. (CG)
The problem with trying to see the Aurora in the summer is that it never gets dark. This was taken between 11 and midnight. 
The Alaskan Highway in Norther BC.
I've always liked the way the road just stretches out here. 

The first of the bears we saw and the beginning and numerous bad puns. (SB)
Another Bear (SB)

I think this was the fifth bear. We quit stopping after that. (SB)

Mountain goats crossing the road just north of Stone mountain. (SB)

Liard Hot Springs at the very northern end of BC.
It's been like this for most of my lift, but by next summer they will have a new deck and stairs. It was nice to meet the engineers working on the plans. 

Springtime in the Yukon!

The old Tanana River bridge site just east of Tok. (SB)

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