Monday, May 21, 2012

One week and 3000 miles later I'm in Tok AK.

I left Washington a few hours after my last post as I headed into British Columbia with my friends Corrie and Stephen. We drove up through BC and reached the Alcan highway on Tuesday. Highlights from the drive up the Alcan include seeing the northern lights, 14 black bears, a grizzly, a lynx, a moose, a few sheep, and more caribou and bison than we could count (I'll get some pictures up soon).

We made it to Tok the morning of the fourth day and spent the night before heading on to Denali. It's really kind of crazy that I made it to so many national parks in the lower 48 before making it Denali. It's a really beautiful park, even when it's still in the early stages of spring (again, pictures to follow). I think I will try to get back out there again in a month or so. 

After Denali, we drove to Anchorage on Saturday where we immediately got drafted for a greenhouse relocation project my sister came up with. We took Stephen to the airport and I spent the night in Anchorage, did some yard work Sunday and drove into Tok about 1:00 am this morning. 

Here is the route starting where the last one ended in Wenatchee. The trip is sitting at over 5,600 miles so far. I think I might just stay home the entire day today...

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  1. Keep it coming! Very interesting and anticipating pictures!