Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 5

I made great time hitching along I-90 through Montana yesterday. It's legal to walk along the freeway there which means longer rides. In Washington that's not allowed so I cut across on US-2 and a few state roads from Spokane to my Aunt's house in Wenatchee. I only had one really long walk all day. Important lesson (that should have been obvious) was learned though. Taking the road less traveled is not always a good thing when you are hitching even if it's shorter. 

Breakfast: it takes a lot more chewing without a blender. However, I was really happy that I could even get eggs and vegetables at a truck stop. I don't think that was an option last time I did this kind of trip. 
Art in Missoula Montana. 
I walked from about the arrow point.
I finally decided to try a different route and caught a ride back down the hill on the first try. 

I've decided to spend today in Wenatchee and head for my brother's house tomorrow.

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