Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 2

Made to Rock Springs WY tonight thanks to a couple of super nice people who turned around to pick me up. I may add to this in the morning, but right now I need to sleep.

Day 2 part 2:
Good news: the sleeping bag is warm enough.
Bad news: I went to bed to late and got up too early. 
I took a meandering route yesterday going where a ride was going as long as it was roughly where I wanted to go.
I ended up spending a number of hours in the Triassic period, which is not a good place for hitching.  
Once I did get a ride it was a really good one. We came across a bunch of rather large boats parked out in the middle of the mountains which seemed pretty odd until I saw the Flaming Gorge Dam and Reservoir.


  1. Hitching in the Triassic seem like it would be very hard. Have you noticed that time machines never seem to use the same chargers?

  2. That's quite a dam! Did you stop for that photo, or is it in motion? We're planning on camping at Gros Venture Campground on the south side of Teton on the 10th. It should be open already and hopefully defrosted too! If you head in that direction it might be a convenient place to camp.

  3. Utah? (The Triassic, that is) Every state should have signs showing which geologic period the rocks you're going through are from. It's a fantastic feature.

  4. I love that road! Did you see the squid sign?

  5. Yeah, my Jurassic period ride was incompatible with the Triassic period for some reason. Just dropped me in the middle of nowhere.

    That was in motion. There were a bunch of signs forbidding stopping or standing.

    One of the downsides to hitching is that's really awkward asking a ride to stop so I can take a picture of something and send it to friends for an explanation. There were several features I'd like to know more about yesterday.

    I don't recall the squid sign.