Thursday, May 24, 2012

Around Alaska

We did a bit of a trip around the state on the way to Denali and dropping Stephen off at the airport. In anchorage i did some work tearing down a green house to move it for my sister. I'll spend some time putting it back together in a couple weeks. I've spent a couple days at my dad's house now and been busy with planning for the trip. I've got a couple more tickets in place now and I'm working on what I want to do and where as well. I've also started a caffeine purge. It was pretty hard to find any motivation the first couple of days without coffee but I'm feeling a lot better now.

The Alaskan Range from Delta.

I was going to order the #1 and ask for biscuits and gravy instead of toast...
Then I saw they had already named that option for me.

Tearing down a green house. Ali is pretty good at picking up nails and putting them in the bucket.
She can also pound them in if you start them for her. 

One of the best pairs of shoes I have ever owned. After 3 years of international trips, mountains, and hitching to AK they still look pretty decent on the outside. But, they were starting to fall apart inside. 

Thankfully everyone at RIEtech gave me a REI gift card as a going away give. And, they still sells the same shoe (The North Face - Hedgehog III). So, I was able to get a brand new identical pair. Thanks everyone at RIEtech!

Lion Head Mountain on the way back form Anchorage.
I've always like that mountain though I called in sore thumb until a year or two ago.
It's a great short hike and I may try to spend the night on top sometime this summer. 

Some of my dad's bees are getting kind of spoiled with their front porch view...


  1. So I've just got to ask the question I already know the answer to: any regrets stepping out of the day to day and into your dream?

    - Andy Mayer

  2. Andy,
    I've really been enjoying my time so far. I don't have any regrets so far. I have been a bit surprised at how fast a month has gone by already.