Saturday, June 16, 2012

Repurposed fort building skills

All that practice reusing old materials went to good use this week building a shed and greenhouse for my sister. She bought an old greenhouse she found for sale on craig's list a few weeks ago. We took it apart the first time I came through anchorage in May and saved all the materials. This week my dad and I build a shed with of most of the lumber we salvaged. After he headed out to catch his Salmon for the year, I built a small green house out of the left overs. 

One of the neighbors was kind enough to offer us some scrap siding that matched the stuff from the greenhouse.
That made the front of the shed a lot easier to finish.
Most the new materials went into the roof. We used 14 foot 2x4s for the roof so we had a bit of an eve. After seeing the price of lumber, 100 dollars for the greenhouse seemed like a steal. 

Finish! It's probably more than 75% reused or recycled materials. Even the new roofing panels were 50% recycled. Similar 10' x 12' sheds are going for $2,650 installed in Anchorage and we came in a good bit less at $675.

As a bonus there was enough material left to build my sister a small greenhouse with. 

The 2x6 ridge board on top and the nails were the only new material in the greenhouse. 

It came out looking pretty good despite a couple of silly mistakes figuring it out as I went.
Total cost was about $25 since most the material was free after building the shed. 
Two sunny days in a row means it's time to go paint the shed and the front of greenhouse. I wonder if either of them will last as long as my fort did...


  1. Wow...I think if you ever get tired of being a mechanical engineer, you have a new calling....."refurbished sheds/greenhouses"....when you show customers the final product(s) and for a 1/3 of the cost....I think you have a new market....Looks great!