Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another RTW traveler

Of all the places I through I might first meet another RTW traveller, I would never have guessed Glennallen AK. We stopped for gas and I started talking to a guy on a bike who looked liked he'd been doing some riding. Turned out he's riding around the world and was planning to camp in Tok that night. So, I invited him to stay at my dad's house. It was nice to talk with someone else doing something like I am. Noah hit the road from California about three weeks before I started. He's headed east, shipping his bike to Europe for the winter, and then riding across russia next spring. Looking at his blog, I might have to learn to ride and do another trip... 

Noah with is bike at my dad house


  1. Thanks for the place to stay bud! You guys rule. This is why we travel. To meet good people!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit Noah. Hopefully we'll run into each other in Europe or something.