Sunday, June 17, 2012

Safety is our number 2 priority...

A few more pictures from building the greenhouse that I didn't have yet for the last post. Plus my first video post. 

Figuring out where to put the ridge pole support.

Apparently I have questionable safety standards. So, of course my sister grabbed a camera. 
Marking the last piece of Fiber glass for cutting in place.
Note there is a hand keeping one ladder steady and the sturdy only partially rotted 4x4 supports. It didn't really seem too shaky. Besides, I was getting pretty good at cutting fiber glass with the circular saw by that point. 

Trimming the back worked well enough I decided to touch up the front. Corrie took a video since she wasn't steadying a ladder. 


  1. Hey buddy...I like the chain link fence usage.

    When you post videos, can you embed a link or just the YouTube video itself into the post for us iOS users who can't do flash so well?

  2. meh... I was hoping for an innocuous fall. Sorry to admit that, too many America's Funniest Home videos! Great post!

  3. Sorry Matt. Safety is my second priority. It's below whatever it is I am doing, but not below "making a good fall video". Unless that was my goal, but faked accidents are an oxymoron.

    Brandon, the file i posted was in .m4v. My only guess is that google changed if for uploading. I'll look into it.