Thursday, June 27, 2013

TPS Reports...

I was looking up the price of electricity in Bethel Alaska tonight (between my evening run and baking cookies because that's what I do with a Wednesday evening this week) when I discovered that the state of Alaska actually files TPS reports...
See the full report here

If Bethel requests 150K stating "there is no other funding needed", and the state approves 175K, who gets the extra 25K?

And, while I'm asking questions without good answers...

Given that it's summer in Alaska and I can still read outside at midnight without a light. Why does the city of Anchorage insist on turning on the flood lights over the baseball fields I run past sometime before 9 pm?

Why am I still awake blogging at 12:30?

What's the actual value of a gallon of gasoline? Actually, I do want an answer to this one if anyone would like to share their thoughts. I've thought about it some, but that will have to wait for another post... -See previous question.

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