Monday, June 3, 2013

Officially an Alaskan again

I'm an Alaskan on paper again. I've got an AK drivers license, license plate, and an address here. 
I wanted the plates with a Caribou on them, but you have to order those online. Maybe in the winter when life slow down up here. 
Facebook does not seem to think I should stay here through the winter... 
Long days in an office during the Alaska summer does little to encourage booting up my laptop at home, let alone write a blog post. It caught me a bit off guard to realize it was June already and I've been back to working at the new job for six weeks... Then I realized looking forward that I already have plans for every weekend until mid July. At least I'm not going to get bored.

I saw this the other day and it seemed a fitting warning as I settle into a schedule again. 

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