Monday, July 1, 2013

Saturday Afternoon Ride

I brought my mountain bike down from my dad's house in May and started riding to work again a few days a week. It's a shorter ride than my commute in Albuquerque was and the trails are a bit rougher, but it's still a nice ride. Two weeks ago i decided the trail was good enough and switched to my road bike. It amazes me how much more fun the road bike is on paved trails, I actually rode twice as far the first day I had the road bike just because it was fun. Saturday afternoon I decided to take it out along the Cook Inlet for my first real ride of the year.
Riding above the Alaska Railroad.
Looking over the Cook Inlet
If the views good enough for a spotting scope, it's probably worth stoping for.
Ride along the Chugach mountains on the other side of the trail from the Inlet. 
This on is for Ginny and any other geologist reading my blog. 
Under the right conditions (at the base of the mountains after 40+ miles of riding) even heat lamp pizza tastes delicious. 
Here the trail runs through a salt marsh created during the Good Friday earthquake.
My afternoon ride might have had a slight scope creep problem.

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