Saturday, March 9, 2013


We still had a few days left in Tanzania after climbing of Kilimanjaro so we opted to take the bus to Dar Es Salaam and a ferry to Zanzibar. It worked out quite a bit cheaper than flying and let us see some of the country too. 

Front seat on a bus with AC. Not bad for 20 dollars. 
Lunch before a trip to swim with dolphins. The view was great, but I think they harass the dolphins more than actually befriending them for swimming. Maybe I'll try that again somewhere else.
We went snorkeling twice. Not quite the Great Barrier Reef, but still fun. 
I didn't get many good pictures snorkeling this time, but I thought this one turned out well.
Tony sitting on a ledge on Prison Island
The Tortoise refuge on Prison Island has about 100 Tortoises. This one was really friendly and almost looks like she's smiling with tony scratching her neck. 
I think the spice tour we took was probably the most interesting day on Zanzibar. I'd never seen a vanilla plant before. The picture didn't turn out, but cinnamon bark tastes awesome.  
I'm not sure we were supposed to eat them or if they were ripe, but I thought coffee berries tasted good fresh. 
Watching the guide climb a coconut tree was pretty interesting. I can't imagine what OSHA would say though... 
Sunset from the Freddie Mercury cafe in Stone Town. 
As I boarded the flight out of Dar Es Salaam I noticed fog rolling away from the ventilation system as it fought to cool the humid tropical air. One of the many things I learned about myself on this trip is than hot and humid weather tends to make me cranky. 
I had a row to myself for both legs on the way back to the states which was really nice. Even without the extra space Qatar Air really impressed me with their nice planes and friendly staff.  They also depart as soon as the plane is loaded even if that's 20 minutes early which I have never seen on any other airline. 
Back in the US, just before taking off from Atlanta. 

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