Friday, March 1, 2013

Ngorongoro Crater

We spent the second day of our safari in Ngorongoro "Crater" where we were lucky enough to mostly see animals we hadn't seen at the lake.

Looking on over the caldera from the top in the morning. 
Looking back: There was a loud thunk just before we came around this bend. 
After a brief stop our guide declared this to be no big deal and drove down into the crater.  
Up first: Water Buffalo.
The Rhinos were pretty indifferent to all the people watching them. 
They're more dangerous than Alligators but the hippos mostly just laid in the water and ignored everything else.   
The lions however caused traffic jams by sitting the shade of the trucks.

We saw about 20 different lions throughout the day. Unfortunately we didn't see any that were hunting. 
We stopped for lunch at this lake. 
Circling the rest stop looking for someone who isn't watching their lunch.

Tony checking out african bee hives.

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