Friday, March 1, 2013

Lake Manyara

Tony and I did a two day safari in Tanzania before we started our Kilimanjaro climb. The first day was spent at the Lake Manyara Park. Like being guided up Kilimanjaro, having a guide for this was another interesting first after years of driving through national parks on my own. Our guide wasn't to talkative but he was friendly and pretty good at finding animals.

It looked rustic, but there was tin under the grass roof...
Baboons were the first thing we saw and the most fun to watch
Several of the younger ones climbed up on our truck. They seemed to like licking the hood and pushing each other off. 
This one lost his balance scrambling backwards this was just before he did back flip off the edge and caught himself on the bumper by his tail... 

The pop up roof is a great idea for this kind of driving.
The giraffes didn't do much but pose for pictures...  

The first Elephant we saw was behind some trees and not super impressive but near the end of the tour we came on this guy and a whole group including babies out in the open.  
Like moose, elephants think they are the biggest thing on the road
Unlike moose, they actually are... The Land Cruiser suddenly felt a bit small. 

Tony putting his new camera to good use. About half the photos here are his. 

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