Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why yes, that is a zip line in our city park

I walked about seven miles around a bay in Sydney yesterday. The most impressive thing? A city park that includes a zip line among the playground equipment. I guess they haven't discovered frivolous law suits here.  
It's not a huge zip line, but it was reasonably fast and there is a spring at the bottom to shoot you three quarters of the way back to the start if you hit it fast enough. 


  1. That does look like fun! And it's low enough risk that I don't think I'd even break any bones on it...probably. :-) Are that a foot shelf handing from the wire? Or is that something in the background? What was the bay you walked around?

  2. The playground where I went to school in Kenya had a zipline. There was also one behind the 5th/6th grade boys dorm which was higher. I only ever heard of a broken bone or two, nothing to get too worried about.

  3. Actually that's a seat, which is ok when you hit the end it jerks you up about 5 feet... I think it was the Iron Bay that i walked around.