Monday, August 27, 2012

Birds & Reptiles...

On Sunday I went up north of of Cairns to the Daintree Rainforest. Despite the way it sounds, it's named after a british geologist, not a type of tree. It wasn't as exciting as scuba diving the great barrier reef, but it was still a nice trip. 

Good photography subject. I almost got him in flight a moment later. 
These are actually the same species of parrot. The red one is the female. 

This one was downright friendly. The kind of just seem like oddly shaped deer. 

Since I was a kid, I've wanted to find a creek flowing across a beach. It really seems like the best of both worlds. 

I could have stayed here a while longer...

Baby Crocs. The guide said there were about fifty when they hatched. Now it's down to eight. Actually that's good when you think about it. Our planet already has an apex predator with a high reproduction rate... 


  1. I like the dam you built on the beach stream. That must have been fun to work on. The colors on those birds are really brilliant! It's interesting to see female birds that are as or more colorful than the males; that's not usually the case. Seeing the baby crocs would be cool--I've seen crocodiles in farms/zoos before, but only once in the wild.

    So, now that you've seen the 3 things you "have" to see in Cairns, are you going to do some deeper explorations, or move on to somewhere new?

  2. Nathan, I am headed to Darwin on Saturday morning with a relocation rental camper, a guy from Holland and a girl from Taiwan. If all goes to plan it should cost the same to drive to darwin as to sleep in a hostel those five nights. Until Saturday I am going to just enjoy a bit of relaxing in a beach town and meet some locals. I met the couple that runs "Divine Gelato" shop today. Spent an hour talking business with them. I might go back tomorrow and see if I can work a few hours to learn how it's made...