Saturday, August 4, 2012

South Korea, Near Deagu

I tagged along yesterday with Jonathan's family as they toured several areas near Deagu with his fiances family who are from here. It was really nice to tour with locals. Thank you to both families for letting me tag along. 

Some very crooked looking trees. These don't have any guide wires which could support my theory on shallow roots in city parks. 

Ancient Silla burial mounds from the first millennia. 

This seems like a great way to grow squash and cucumbers. Very convenient picking. I was bit surprised to see it as part of a park. 

Some history to learn from and avoid repeating.

Traditional Korean lunch with both families. I tried everything... I have also finally learned to use chop sticks. 

I would not want to be the dishwasher in Korea!

Stairs up to a temple originally built in the first millennia. 

A view of the valley stretched out below.

Laundry day in the hotel room. Only using a carry on does keep me on top of the laundry. 

The hotel room has a little slot for your key after you enter the room. You place the key in it to power up everything in the room. Seems like a great system to prent parasitic energy drain from all the devices in a modern room. 


  1. It's interesting to see your photos of Korea (and other places), but I think it's equally intriguing to see what things warrant your photographic note. With your history of dish washing and energy production, I get *why* you included those photos, but it's not what stands out normally to most people. Not that I'm exactly an authority on normal... I do really like the photograph silhouetting your laundry against the skyline. I like photos that highlight contrast.

  2. The key card power up is pretty common through out Europe. It is a great system but it always seems to irritate Americans (at least the ones I was with).
    An amazing shot of the valley. I always picture an endless sea of people and development when I think of the eastern countries. No suburbs= more green.
    What all did you eat? Craziest thing? most mundane thing? If I'm going to travel vicariously I will probably need more details... :)
    His picture choice is interesting, very few typical touristy shots. I think it says a lot about the head on the other side of the camera.

  3. @ Corrie: I'm glad you enjoy the photos.

    @Tony: The crazy thing about what I ate is that I didn't always ask what it was... I think I had a piece of Octopus in there someplace and I really enjoyed some seaweed along the way. Some of the stuff is too spicy for me, but a lot of it was good and I really liked some things i didn't expect to like noodles made with sweet potato.

  4. @Tony: I guess I've never stayed anyplace that fancy in Europe. Not surprising when I usually go for the cheapest hostel possible. The hotel I stayed at in Daegu might have been the nicest I have ever stayed in.