Tuesday, July 31, 2012

South Korea, Seoul

I've been in Seoul for the last couple of days. I think this is the largest city I have ever spent any time in. The streets are amazingly clean, but the air has been bothering me quite a bit. It's like a really bad allergy day in NM. It actually burned my throat and eyes a bit at first. I guess I am just not cut out for city life. Though, I guess that's been established for a while now.

Day 1 - Seoul:
The view of Seoul from a tower on hill near the center. 
Jonathan has been in Korea for about five years.
He is one of my inspirations behind this trip, so it's fitting I can start it visiting him here. 
Not sure what a Pocari is, but this seems like a strange thing to sell at the top of hill on a hot summer day. 
The hill we climbed. It turns out there is a tram up it.
Green tea shaved ice with a scoop of green tea ice cream on top.
It was pretty good, though the red bean paste is a bit strange.
I also tried some with made with black tea, but it wasn't as good. 
Sunset in Seoul.
A bit later in the evening. 

Day 2 - Gyeongbokgung Palace:
I wasn't feeling very good and only took a few pictures...
The front court

The Korean museum of air conditioning.

Actually the museum of folk culture and it had some nice exhibits, I just really appreciate AC when I am not feeling well. 

Day 3: Out sick. I spent today resting, catching up on email and writing a blog post... Highlight of the day 17 Mb download and 11 Mb upload speeds in a coffee shop! 

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  1. Sorry to hear that you got sick. If you're anything like me, you run til you can't run anymore, then you HAVE to rest! Coolpix.