Thursday, July 26, 2012


So, I have a few spare minutes of high speed internet in the Seattle airport... 

I didn't take as many pictures driving across Canada this time. I think I may have been starting to burn out on driving. Here are a few highlights.
Ferry crossing of the Yukon River at Dawson City. I'd never driven this route before and it did add a few miles. But, the top of the world highway is a really nice drive and should be included on one side of any round trip drive to Alaska
Canadian water slide - Yes, that's insulation around it. 
The first of a string of five lakes near Jasper.
It's a beautiful hiking area. I am going back to Jasper someday.
The road between Jasper and Banff.
The Canadian Rockies.
The Columbia Ice Field - The Athabaskan side.
Lake Moraine.
Hey, we just drove that!


  1. Was that Lake Moraine pict from our trip?
    It looks exactly the same

  2. No, it was a new one I took. It did strike me how much it looked the same as before.