Monday, July 16, 2012

The other side of hitchhiking

Why pick up hitchhikers? You never know who you might pick up.

A few miles outside of Dawson City we saw a hitchhiker headed south. It took us a few minutes to rearrange the car enough for another person, but Hendrik turned out to be one of the more interesting hitchhikers I've stopped for. He came from France to travel Canada and Alaska for a year. He had just finished stashing food and supplies along the route for a 500+ km hike across the Yukon territory with a couple of friends. Most of their trek will be without any trail at all, cutting through the endless forest, following the route of miners during the Klondike gold rush. My own trip doesn't seem quite as wild now, but it was seven hour conversation on the way to Whitehorse. 

Hendrik and me at a rest area in the Yukon

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