Monday, November 18, 2013


I drove down to Kenai with Corrie for the weekend. Corrie was invited to a program at the Challenger Learning Center there and I volunteered to go for a drive. I didn't have a lot to do in town, but it was a peaceful weekend with time to think and beautiful views of the mountains across the Cook Inlet.
This view can be yours for the low low price of $349,000!
I drove around a bit on sunday looking for a good place to take photos over the bluff. I drove down "Cook Inlet View Dr" and "Panorama Ave" but I couldn't actually find a place without houses in the way. Eventually I found a house for sale and was able to take a few photos while looking at the house...

Panoramic view
Mt Redoubt
Sunset on the beach.
The sand on the beach was actually frozen solid. I can't recall ever going to the beach in any of my previous winters here.

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  1. This picture on the beach is really stunning Nick. I love your photos!