Monday, February 11, 2013


It's probably hard keeping track with the way my posts have jumped around lately. I have a couple more from Europe and then a couple from Tanzania to get caught up. I'll keep them in order unless something really exciting happens and I get distracted again.

Jean-Marc and his family were kind enough to host Corrie and I in Paris over Christmas. It was really nice to have friends to share Christmas with and neat to be in Paris for it. I've never seen so many people on Christmas Eve, but the city was quite impressive with all the lights out. It was not as impressive as christmas dinner with the Limousine family though. I think I'll adopt the french style of serving courses the next time I host a major dinner. I'm not sure I'll ever serve eight courses though...

It turns out one should really prebook a trip to the top level. That was a little disappointing, but the tower is worth seeing.
Right after I took this I watched a car repeatedly back into the car behind it an then try to drive off. I managed to get a picture of the car's plate which made the second drivers day a bit better. However, now I'm supposed to fill out a witness statement, and it's all in french...
There was a mass going on inside which made touring it feel strange.  
Night Seine...
Arc de Triomphe with Jean-Marc on Christmas Eve.

UFOs over the Arc de Triomphe? It's just lens flair, but it looks cool. 
Corrie and I with Jean-Marc and his family after Christmas dinner.

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