Friday, February 15, 2013

Hamm, Germany

After the Brachts returned to the states Corrie and I went to Hamm to visit Basti who was feeling better after missing the New Year party with a bad fever. The Autobahn was a lot of fun with Basti because he likes driving as much as I do and knows the rules in Germany. He showed us around Hamm where he grew. Then Simon joined us for a couple days and we toured Munster. 

Basti, Corrie and I on top an old coal mine tailings pile near Hamm.
Basti with his car. This is the antique he rebuilt not the one we drove the Autobahn at 220 in. 
I'm still not really sure why Hamm made the elephant it's official animal.  
Seriously they have a thing for elephants. 
This bus was set up as an American style hamburger shop but we opted for German instead.
Coffee break in Munster where Simon and Basti went to University before UNM.
Germans take water parks a bit more seriously. The one we went to had two slides with near vertical drops and one with a full loop in it. The one with loop had a laser run timer for competitions  They must take lawsuits a lot less seriously though because there were no lifeguards babysitting any of the slides and riding double or triple was allowed. The combination makes for awesome water parks!
We went to Norway after Hamm which I actually managed to post about while I was there... 

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