Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Two days in Rome was a bit short, but we did get to see a few things. Seeing all the ancient structures that are still standing left me wonder which of the buildings and monuments from our era will still be around in a thousand years or more. I'm pretty sure Hoover dam and Mt Rushmore will still be there, but I doubt any of our stadiums will be...

I thought the Christmas tree in front was a nice touch.

The inside of the Pantheon dome
Experimenting with camera settings
Corrie took this while I was taking the pictures of the dome. I thought the reflection was neat.
There are a lof interesting ceilings in Rome
St Peters dome
The inside of the dome
A rainy day doesn't really call for Gelato, but I figured if I was in Rome I should buy some kind of an indulgence...  
Early in the tour of the Vatican's art collection
This at least gives a suggestion of the scale of the Vatican museum

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