Monday, January 7, 2013

From Pisa to Florence

From Turin, we traveled through Pisa, Vinci, and Florence on our way to Rome.

Crossing the Arno river in Piza
It wouldn't be as famous, but the tower would really be just as impressive if it were not leaning. 
The cathedral and baptismal from the tower

The front of the church is nearly as impressive as the tower.
Pizza in pisa. It was really good. I'm humoring Corrie's insistance that I be in the picture here. 
We made a side trip to Vinci to see the Leonardo museum. Unfortunately they did not allow any photos, but museum was a good reminder of why documentation matters. Leonardo documented things really well, even stuff other people designed that he thought was important. It was really helpful in understanding the progress in technology and thinking of the era.

We found a free place to park in Florence and it had a good view too!
The Old Bridge over the Arno in Florence

The Duomo
The Galileo museum was one of the most interesting place we went in Florence. They had a lot of scientific instruments from the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. Now I know where hollywood get's their inspiration for mad scientist props.

Two of Galileo's telescopes.
How did the vogue thing for the wealthy to do fall from this to making a reality tv show about themselves? 
Apparently magnets and electricity weren't always just for nerds
Not exactly the standard desktop model
Late eighteenth century water pump for firefighting

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