Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Fall always gives me a sense of urgency, especially since moving back to Alaska. Winter is nice and I still enjoy snow but life, particularly working outside, is much easier without it. I expected we'd return from our summer in Europe to another month of summer in AK, but I felt the urgency of fall set in the day we got off the plane. Winter clearly wasn't imminent since last Friday was our first snow, but it was a busy 10 weeks that went by quickly. 

First Snow on the porch Friday. I'm glad we got the yard cleaned up the week before.

Corrie bought a fat tire bike to commute with this winter. She was in Soldotna, so I snow tested it for her. It was a lot of fun and rides great even over roots through 4" of new snow. Now I want to get one...  

Saturday morning heading out to hike in the snow I found the road blocked and went for a three mile run along Campbell Creek while I wait for them to clear the road. 

Snow sparkling in the sun.

For a moment I thought that stump was a bear which stopped me mid stride. It could have made a cooler photo if it had been, but I probably wouldn't have stuck around to take it... 

Heading up Wolverine Trail. We see these mountains from the porch view above when it's clear. 

There are quite a few small creeks crossing the trail that haven't frozen yet. The are pretty easy to cross and look awesome as the ice builds up on all the rocks and plants.  

I couldn't make the top with the late start but I did make it above tree line. I'm planning to do more winter hiking this year and this was great first day.

Looking back up at the peak from about 1/2 way down.

This morning's sunrise over the mountains. The sun doesn't clear the mountains until about 10 AM now. 

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  1. I love the pictures you took of the snow. Very beautiful.