Sunday, November 16, 2014

An Unexpected Adventure

Last night I was starting supper about 5:30 when a couple of friends from church showed up at the door to invite me along on an adventure. One of them had gone through the ice on his 4-wheeler earlier and they were hoping to get it out before it froze in.
I haven't gone sledding behind a snowmobile in years. The Northern Lights on the horizon were a nice bonus.  
4-wheelers want to float upside down because of the tires, so Ross had tied a tree to the bumper while he walked back to town. 
I didn't take any pictures during the removal process because I was too busy. We lifted the front end using 4x4s as levers and a stack of 2x10s for a fulcrum because they spread the weight across the ice. Once we had the front tires out we were able to pull it forward with a snowmobile.
Ross removing the anti-roll tree and examining his machine. 
The rear wheels were either locked up or frozen and wouldn't turn. The wheels were also too wide for the sled, so we build a pallet for the 4-wheeler to ride out on.
Saturday evening at the lake... 
We hauled it back to town and left it in another friends Garage to thaw. I heard today that Ross actually got it running again last night after I went home. Not quite what I had in mind for saturday evening, and I didn't get any new Aurora photos, but it was a fun adventure.

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