Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunny and 45!

It's spring for real now. We're gaining daylight so fast my internal clock is completely derailed. It's already light out well after 9:00 and last week at Chena Hot Springs I dont think the last rays of sunlight were gone until 11:00. The rush of spring in Alaska is something I really missed living in warmer climates. It's also really amazing how warm 45 degrees feels after a long winter. 

More than a month ago. The first time it hit 45 in the sun on the south side of the house I just sat there for about 30 minutes enjoying the sun. 
After recharging i had to shovel of the deck. 
About a month ago. Hiking along the Turnagain Arm with Liz and Ali.  
Ali did pretty good climbing up the snow and rocks. 
Two weeks ago. Hiking above the Turnagain Arm again the day after Corrie and I returned from KS. 

 Saturday's hike was so nice that I went right back down there again on sunday after dropping Corrie off at the airport. 
The first pussy willow are blooming! It's officially spring. 

The Cook Inlet looked like glass on my way south but I didn't stop for a picture. It was still pretty smooth on the way back. After climbing down behind a rock I almost couldn't hear the road. A perfect place to sit and think.  

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